1 april 2014

Scoping out the Plastic-Free (Shopping) Sites: Ups and Downs

In het kader van Plastic-Free Tuesday heeft Marlies een blog geschreven over haar ervaring met boodschappen doen buiten de supermarkt. Klik op de link om het hele bericht te lezen.

Over the past weeks one of my ongoing no-plastic efforts has been to try to expand my shopping options beyond the market place a bit, i.e. for off-market days and for stuff you can’t get at a market (see post here for my earlier successful market-explorations!). Before Plastic-Free Tuesdays I tended to get all my shopping from the supermarket in one go, but I have found that the no-plastic options there are rather limited (although I have managed to find out a number of nice plastic-free options there as well over the past months – perhaps a special post on that later!) However, while finding new shopping sites is actually a lot of fun (beware of jealousy inducing pictures below :-), it’s not easy either.. Below a some ups and downs encountered!

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