8 april 2014

Proud Plastic-Free Tuesday Pioneer!

In het kader van Plastic-Free Tuesday heeft Gerda een blog geschreven over het opruimen van plastic zwerfafval bij haar in de buurt. Klik op de link om het hele bericht te lezen.


Why didn’t I just admit that I wasn’t there to capture the beauty of the creek on camera – I was there to capture the garbage, the horrible hamburger boxes and the wraps of wrong chocolate bars, bottles of evil softdrink brands and other crap that totally ruins that particular beauty of our beloved creek.

It worries me, this creek worries me, the rest of the creeks in the world worries me, all the creeks and it’s surroundings worries me, the trees, the fishes.. Yes! I am a treehugger, a proud Plastic Free Tuesday-pioneer, I am a warrior and my mission for today is to prison the Evil Plastic.

So while I am busy saving the planet from its Untergang, balancing on a stone, feed in the mud in the middle of this particular creek, armed with a waste bag, a dog appears. It’s looking for a buddy to throw his ball. As I am very busy saving the planet, I excuse myself and continue my mission..

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